Sarawak is the largest state according to area in Malaysia blessed with the most diverse ecosystem. Sarawak is located in the northern part of the island of Borneo and shares its southern limit with Indonesian Kalimantan. To the northwest, Sarawak borders Sabah and in the similar direction Brunei shapes a bilateral enclave in the state. Boasting incalculable flora and fauna, many of it is yet to be discovered making it a haven for nature lovers. The interior of Sarawak is covered in a thicket of impenetrable jungle and mountains. Sarawak is home to 28 ethnic tribes each with their own unique culture and tradition which is extremely interesting. Some of the tribes practiced headhunting previously and as evidence to this, one can view the many skulls that adorn the walls of some of the longhouses. The temperature in Sarawak is normally 23°C to 32°C with the wettest months being from November to February. Make your way to Sarawak to be serenaded by the diverse cultures and unexplored jungles. You might just not know what you will be able to bring back home here.