The largest state Peninsula Malaysia and third largest in Malaysia, Pahang spans and area of 35,960 sq. km with rainforests covering 2/3 of the whole area. It lies on the east cost and has a population of about one million people. Perak is located in the west while Terengganu and Kelantan bound the State on the north. Pahang is Malaysia’s nature treasure trove as the enchanting nature enveloping the state is a spectacular sight. Some of the most famous and visually spectacular tourist attractions are found in Pahang. Visitors to Pahang are offered unique cultures, customs and traditions set amidst golden beaches, exotic flora and fauna, virgin jungles and rolling mountains. With a hot and humid climate all year round with distinct wet and dry season, visiting Pahang is a rendezvous with nature that will definitely leave you spellbound and delighted.