Malaysia – A Hibiscus Honeymoon Destination

malaysia hibiscus honeymoon

What better location for a honeymoon than to a country whose national flower is the exotic and tropical Hibiscus? When it is time for more information on honeymoon packages, starting with a flower isn’t such a bad place to begin.

With its mosques and cultural sites, modern structures such as the Petronas Twin Towers, or historic buildings such as the Khoo Khongsi, Malaysia seamlessly combines old and new to provide an extraordinary holiday or honeymoon destination.

Rich with culture, the influence of many ethnic group provides a variety of delights for the senses. From food to festivals, from art and music to people and places, Malaysia has it all. This year-round destination offers the chance to unwind – taking slow boat rides through ancient forests or relaxing on one of the country’s scenic beaches, or to take a more active approach – scuba diving and snorkeling or maybe taking in the Petronas Formula One Grand Prix.

Want to include a little shopping time during your honeymoon? Plan your visit during one of the Mega Sales Carnivals – held in 2011 from 15 June to 31 August. Rare treasures from the Orient, local handmade products, name-brand designer items, and duty-free shopping centers make this the perfect time to make your purchases or just spend time browsing.

All that shopping, diving, and relaxing on the beach will lead to the next reason for a honeymoon in Malaysia – the food. If your choice of destination was based on gastronomic options alone, Malaysia would have to be near the top of the list. Malay, Thai, Chinese, and Indian restaurants can be easily found alongside hundreds of food stalls, markets, and bazaars. “Culinary diversity” is a phrase often applied to food in Malaysia. Recipes are added to and subtracted from to add ethnic flavors to each meal.

Intimate islands with incredible flora and fauna, beaches and wildlife reserves, shopping and fine dining, all in a tropical climate filled with friendly and diverse cultures – Malaysia is truly an eclectic choice as a honeymoon destination.

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