7 Popular Destinations In Malaysia

Malaysia holidays beckon travelers with stunning scenery and a harmonious blend of inhabitants
including colorful Malay, Indian, and Chinese cultures. Beyond the peninsula and its modern capital,
Kuala Lumpur, the islands of Malaysia feature virginal jungles, towering peaks and remote tribes.
These are some of the countries most inspiring destinations.

Mount Kinabalu

One of the grandest mountains that one can climb without mountaineering equipment, Mount
Kinabalu, at 13,435 feet, summits far above other Borneo peaks. Boasting more than 300 bird
species, 600 fern types and 100 classes of mammals, this is the premier site for those who appreciate
vast expanses of biodiversity. Anyone in good physical condition can make it up the main peak, but
climbers require a guide at all times for safety.

Sepilok Rehabilitation Center

The Sepilok Orang UtanCenter established itself to rescue orphaned baby orangutans against to
protect them against the dangers of hunters, loggers, and plantation owners. Once rehabilitation is
accomplished and the animals are ready to survive in the wild, their release from the center returns
them to their natural habitat. Trek through the unspoiled mangrove forest reserve to see the resulting
success stories, and spend the night in a chalet amongst them.

Mulu Caves

Discover the wondrous Mulu Caves in Malaysian Borneo at the GunungMulu National Park. The vast
number of proximal caves offering generous accessibility draws visitors in to this isolated site, as does
the spectacular nightly mass departure of Wrinkle-lipped bats. View spectacular formations and the
world’s largest cave chamber, the Sarawak, which is large enough to hold 40 jet planes wing-to-wing.


This archipelago of 99 lush islands amid the Andaman Sea is Malaysia’s most touted tourist
destination, and Langkawi – the largest island – features seemingly endless stretches of soft, white
sand beaches. Langkawi is ideal for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts, as well as those simply
seeking a day of soaking up the sun. Steps from the azure waters visitors can explore the jungle
covered knolls and valleys or hike up the craggy mountainous regions.


Once selected by Time Magazine as one of the most beautiful isles in the world, visiting Tioman is an
essential part of most Malaysian holidays. Pristine coral reefs encase the island creating a picture
evoking images of a lost paradise. Quiet seekers and scuba divers from across the globe find respite
and adventure here. Dense forests make for excellent hiking excursions, and the local villagers are
welcoming and friendly.

Cameron Highlands

Meandering through the spectacularly green Cameron Highlands is a feast for both the eyes and the
stomach. Home to the island’s most diverse population, visitors can capture the essence of each
culture and spend time amongst the peoples that make Malaysia the vibrant melting pot it is today.
Trails within the highlands are plentiful, and many lead to jungle walks, tranquil coves, and
astonishing waterfalls.

Petronas Twin Towers

petronas twin towers

These twin 88-story towers in Kuala Lumpur once held claim to be the tallest in the world before
Taipei 101 surpassed their height in 2004. However, the beauty and allure of the Petronal Twin
Towers remains. Inspired by the country’s Muslim sect, these towers of steel and glass heavily
resemble motifs common among Islamic art. Walking the sky bridge between the two structures offers
resplendent views of the city for miles.

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