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*This contest is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

Are you a Blogger? Come, share your LOVE story & stand a chance to win a copy of the 50+1 Malaysia book!

Ask any Malaysian & you will hear some grouses or two. But go deeper, and you know that we all LOVE Malaysia in someway or rather.
And this is not surprising, as there are many reasons for us to Love this beautiful country of ours – from its places, people or food, there is something we all treasure about this country we call home.

Share Your Story: I LOVE Malaysia

In conjunction with the upcoming Merdeka, we’ve got 100 of the 50+1 Malaysia book (worth RM51) to giveaway to 100 bloggers to do what you do best – share your story.
All you need to do to put yourself in the running to win this 50+1 Malaysia book is:

1. Copy the 50+1 Malaysia book cover below & paste it in your post.

50+1 Malaysia Book

2. Write what you love about Malaysia. It can be anything. But here is a guide:

  • i. Malaysian culture you find unique – this include the lahs, going to mamak stalls, giving ang pow or duit raya, etc.
  • ii. Your favourite Malaysian food – need we say more?
  • iii. Your favourite Malaysia holiday destination, or for that matter on your hometown
  • iv. Things you like to do in Malaysia
  • v. Festival in Malaysia that you enjoy
  • vi. Your favourite Malaysian celebrity
  • Just a guide: A 200-250 page post is a good post.

3. Put a link to 4. Send us your post URL once you are done at this form. 5. We hate to rush you, but once we have enough good posts, we will close this contest. So, do Hurry!

Good Luck! :)

*Not sure how to write? Check these entries by fellow bloggers.

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